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Lessons from a Butterfly

Life is always changing, every second things keep changing, nothing remains the same forever.

Yet we fail to savor the moment we are all caught up on get things done and have no time to enjoy life. When we take a deep breath and look at our environment to see other life forms. What do we see? Birds, insects, dogs etc.

Let us take the example of the butterfly. The butterfly starts out as a small caterpillar and after a while turns out to be this beautiful butterfly and it keeps adapting. In life we don’t adapt, we get stuck in our own ways. I would like to share in this blog how to lesson from a butterfly

1. Do not compare yourself to others. You're beautiful the way you are.

2. Change will keep happening and learn how to adapt.

3. Learn to never rush and savor the moment.

4. When someone is angry with you, learn how to fly away.

5. Be you never change for others.

These five lessons should always be in the back of our mind. We often get bottled up and explode which ruins our own moods. It is now time to live like a butterfly.

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